Inkonst Club Night: DJ F (ES) + Johanna Knutsson

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DJ F – Ideograma – Acid Future Overdose
DJ F is considered as one of the finest artists the underground scene in Madrid has to offer. He started his DJ career in 1992 and soon became a key figure in the Spanish underground scene, playing in some of the most important clubs across the country.
Influenced mainly by early 90’s sounds of detroit and I.D.M. amongst a wide variety of music, DJ F soon started developing his own productions under different monikers to cover all his musical aspiration
He has released in labels such as Semántica, Titan’s Halo, Eleve, Freebeat, AHD Records

Johanna Knutsson
Johanna Knutsson is undoubtedly one of Sweden’s most respected artists and DJs in the electronic music scene. For 8 years Knutsson has been crafting a name for herself on dance floors and in the studio with her otherworldly, alluring, techno infusions.