Inkonst Club Night: DJ Sports b2b Central + Sacred Grove

Inkonst Club Nights – the nights dedicated to the sounds closest to our hearts – the emerging, the pushing of boundaries, the suggestive, the unhinged, the masters. You get it right? Special, special nights for special people

Central’s productions are focused in house music, but working under numerous solo-aliases such as Palta or El Trick, he also touches upon ambient, drum’n’bass, techno or even r’n’b.
Not unlike the rest of the crew surrounding Central, his sounds often take departure in the vibe created during the formation of the crew. Glancing at 90s club sounds, but created with an uncompromised sound aesthetic and craft. Although Central has had releases on other labels, his focus is on the ever expanding self-distributed network of labels of Aarhus counting Help Recordings, No Hands, Regelbau and others. The Regelbau B2B-sets has played a deciding role in the underground dance music community in Aarhus, and that vibe is present wherever Central goes to play.


DJ Sports
DJ Sports knows few limitations in their dj’ing and producing. Through the years they’ve explored a variety of genres spanning from meditative ambient to house created to move people’s hearts and hips.
In more recent years, Sports have delved deeper into the jungle/bass/dub leaning part of electronic music, resulting in the creation of the Kerne label, as well as a bass-heavy release via the Trick label. Aside from the occasional releases and remixes under various monikers on the ever-evolving maze of labels surrounding the Safe-crew, they recently remixed Dwarde & Tim Reaper for the Globex Corp. series and have more on the way. Uncompromising selections and explorations into different genres behind the decks, all add up to become a full musical experience with endless layers and rhythmic patterns to dive into for the dancers and lovers in the crowd.


Sacred Grove
Malmö-based producer Sacred Grove takes his name from an important feature of mythological landscapes, Sacred Grove’s music is like a hole in our dimension. Teodor’s work is focused on atmospheric techno-house, video game music, and especially Japanese games. He released music on Blundar, Parisian Parodia Records, the Japanese St. Giga (then as a duo with his friend DJ Natto) and Malmö’s Geography Records.