Inkonst x TTNoTDB pres. Mozhgan

A last one before we leave this year behind us! With friends from near and guests from far! We have the pleasure to invite you to something special this time! ………...But isn’t every time special? You might ask. Yes you're right, every time is special.

Behrang Mohammadi (TTNoTDB)
Mozhgan is a sonic alchemist who’s musical languages traverse between mysterious planes and wondrous vortexes. Her singular technique focuses on uncanny juxtapositions of sound that seamlessly unify and project spiritual light, creating luminous pronunciations that voyage deep into the shadowy spaces of the subconscious. As an acolyte of the acidic temple, and founder of the We are Monsters gatherings, Mozhgan fearlessly confronts the constricting limits of the status quo while simultaneously rejecting them with arcane spells that defy time and space.
By projecting hypnotic sound waves that rupture the mundane, her cosmic utterances permit extraterrestrial passages that venture beyond the tranquil pathways of familiarity.
Behrang Mohammadi
Never conform, never give in!
Jin, Jiyan, Azadi
Zan, Zendegi, Azadi