INTONAL 2024: Friday After-Hours

There ain’t no afterparty like an Intonal afterparty. Cleanse your experimental music palette in the dance and dress to sweat.

Free for pass holders, regular club ticket (140:-) also available.

00.00 DOORS
00.00 Toumba
01.30 De Schuurman



The Jordanian DJ and producer blurs the lines between process and authenticity with performance and innovation by bringing together different styles and approaches to dance music production. Steeped in traditional Jordanian music, Toumba, aka Yazan Zyadat, aims to push this sound further, combining progressive machine drums and electronic bass club music with Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies. With singles released on Hessle Audio and Nervous Horizon, Zyadat’s style includes funky UK beats and synth lines inspired by Jordanian wedding songs. Interestingly, according to Zyadat, traditional folklore music overlaps with styles such as dancehall and hip-hop, so that a smooth combination is possible.


De Schuurman

Den Haag-based, former teenage prodigy Gilermo Schurman followed in the footsteps of his uncle DJ Chippie (one of the bubbling genre’s co-founders) and cousins DJ Shaun D, DJ Daycard, DJ Master-D, and DJ Justme. Using Fruityloops, he fused familiar bubbling rhythms with rap and R&B samples, trance synths, and electro house wobbles, and his tracks quickly became a regular fixture on the Dutch circuit. Cue Bubbling Inside, the 2021 Nyege Nyege Tapes release collecting his most essential cuts as De Schuurman from that era (2007-2009), with a couple of newer productions added for context. Hearing them together highlights just how forward thinking the young artist was, steering a Dutch institution into the future.
If Bubbling Inside is a testament to the evolution of the genre through the lens of one of its most visionary producers, then De Schuurman’s DJ sets are a raucous, bouncy party in themselves, tying together all of the energy, swag, and high emotion of the productions.