Jrpjej (NC)

RIYL: post-traditional folk, unusual acoustic instrumentation, Circassian diaspora, old songs for modern reality, ritualistic music, protest music.

Originating from Nalchik in the North Caucasus, Jrpjej embodies the essence of post-traditional Circassian music. Rather than a conventional band, it thrives as a fluid musical community, its lineup ever-changing.

Jrpjej’s musical ethos is a fusion of tradition and innovation. While rooted in the traditional sounds of Circassian music, they embark on a quest to carve out their unique sonic identity within these established boundaries. Their arsenal comprises solely acoustic instruments – shichepshin, apapshin, percussion, and accordion. Yet, their unconventional approach to melodies and compositions yields a dense, resonant sound reminiscent of metal or experimental electronic music.

Since 2018, Jrpjej, bolstered by the support of Ored Recordings label, has been at the forefront of advocating for Circassian and broader North Caucasian traditional music as a vital component of contemporary regional art. They frequently grace avant-garde and innovative music festivals, steering clear of conventional folk festival circuits.

Their reach extends beyond their homeland, with notable performances across Europe since 2021, including appearances at prestigious events like Unsound in Poland and Le Guess Who? in the Netherlands. Collaborations have enriched their musical journey, evident in partnerships with diverse artists such as Stick In The Wheel, Ben Wheeler, and Vincent Moon.

Embarking on their 2024 European tour, Jrpjej introduces a fresh program and lineup featuring Circassian talents hailing from Nalchik, Ankara, and Düsseldorf. Notably, French improvisational violinist Frederic Jouhannet joins their ranks, adding a new dimension to their captivating musical narrative.

This concert is included in the SEASON PASS (750:-)