KALLELSE #4 – moltamole, Jim Kimchi, Gintė Preisaitė

Kallelse is a concert series exploring new and experimental ways of performing electronic music, gathering voices from a new generation. This time with moltamole, Jim Kimchi and Gintė Preisaitė.

DOORS: 20:00
ON STAGE: 20:30

The artists introduce themselves as follows:


moltamole is a composer, electronic musician, digital artist, sound designer and installation artist with a strong background composing for dance and theater.
Sound poses a medium via which moltamole lets herself explore and absorb external environments, as well as sonify inner, emotional landscapes. The intimacy of the sonic meandering is often imbued with field recordings, voice, noise, ASMR or poetry. Preoccupied by sonic tactility, she often weaves textural compositions and abstract soundscapes. She believes that sound and listening can pose a primary tool for empathising with other humans and non-humans. A lot of her current work is conceptual, evolving around creating scores for composition and room osund design. At this point of her music journey, seasons and universes occur simultaneously, with the sound palette flickering anywhere between underwater recordings of coral reefs or melting glaciers to sentimental Hatsune Miku melodies and repetitive poetry read by moltamole’s voice clones.

Jim Kimchi:

Jim Kimchi is an electronic musician and a member of the glitch.cool collective. He explores the varied soundscapes that erupt from the intensive resampling process inherent to his style of composition and sound design. By combining elements from EDM, Idm, free jazz and glitch music in a hyperglitch-focused energyfest, he navigates a currently uncharted sonic territory. Delving into the rhythmic interplay between elastic and tightly composed compositional structures, Jim Kimchi feeds your ears cloudy ambiance, clipping sub-bass, and feedback-generated blips all fermented into a spicy sour brine leaking into the auditory cortex.
For this performance, Jim Kimchi aims to deconstruct the idea of a computer concert by exploring a minimalist approach using the physical sounds that a laptop can emit – both fromt he outside and the inside of the machine.


Gintė Preisaitė:

Gintė is a pianist, improviser and composer, blending all of these aspects into her performances. Her electroacoustic project is a creation of processed field recordings, sound granulations, adaptations, transformations, re-de-counstructions and absorptions of the industrial patterns, braiding it with softer harmonies and collaged melodies. Gintė is curious about the emerging line between synthetic and organic, between the two becoming one, between the different materials colliding and creating a new unrecognised space.
In her “electroacoustic piano”, Gintė explores the instrument as a machine of possibilities where many musical and sound ideas can be revealed by re-contextualising it, finding playful ways to introduce different objects inside, explore boundaries of the instrument’s sonical possibilities, manipulate acoustic sound electronically and jump between more harmonically rich, keys-based environments and less recognisable, textural fields.


This event is supported by Malmö Stad