Kallelse #5

Kallelse is a concert series exploring new and experimental ways of performing electronic music, gathering voices from a new generation.

DOORS: 20:00
ON STAGE: 20:30

The artists introduce themselves as follows:
The Miracle:
The Miracle is a new project from Christian Stenbro, celebrating different traditions within electronic music and music production. The first iteration is an ode to an old star, to endings and new beginnings, sonically designed to land somewhere between an Alvin Lucier Homage and a U2 cover band.
(Christian är en väldigt anonym typ, tänker att hans projektbild får användas som typ bakgrund i marknadsföringen? Tror tyvärr inte jag kan skaka fram ett personporträtt ur honom)

Sarah Buchner:
Sarah Buchner is an experimental vocalist and puppet enthusiast. In ‚somebody is in my house‘ she combines a set of self made surrealist hand puppets made out of doll parts with her specific soundscape of breath, air and mouth sounds. Both the sounds as well as the puppets are played as instruments in an improvisation – intertwining into an spontaneous story out Barbie heads, porcelain hands, melodies and noise.
Sarah is part if Copenhagens scene for experimental music, member of ILK and parent of the sound-puppeteering group Sono Figures Society.

Nathan L:
Nathan L. is a musician, composer, and visual artist who thrives in uncertainty and finds delight in the entropy of noise. Originally trained in classical flute, jazz composition, and arrangement, L. is now involved in various experimental and genre-breaking contexts spanning improvisation, electronics, noise, chamber music, meth- metal, installation and performance.
His sound surfaces from a unique and inordinate working process in which sonic material from various traditional classical instruments are shredded, forced into feedback loops, and mixed with recordings of crashing software, futuristic self-built instruments, and tender manual processing.
His latest release, “The New Old”, is de-composed chamber music on ketamine. The New Old is a performative practice based on improvisation and chance (& ketamine). The New Old is noise. The New Old is not noise. The New Old is an emotional act of transforming, of doing violence to the integrity of the original material as a constructive act of demolition.