KALLELSE 8 – HYPER DIGITAL with Evelin Lindberg, Walter Sallinen and Lil Data

KALLELSE is a concert series exploring experimental ways of performing electronic music. For the third installment of this spring season, the theme is Hyper Digital, with artists leaning into the aesthetics of the hyper-digital, the post-human, the artificial and the futuristic. Featuring Evelin Felix Lindberg, (NO/SE), Walter Sallinen (FI) and Lil Data (UK/IS)

The artists introduce themselves as follows:

Evelin Lindberg
“No Title (No Filter) is a series of pieces for a vocalist, electronics and video, exploring the rendering and commodification of the voice and body in popular media, as well as the distortions of self-expectation arising from both non-realtime editing and instant, automated processing (“filtering”) of performance and image.

The pieces’ music video is featured as a holographic haunting of the live performance, and acts as a definitive reference which the performer must reenact and be held in comparison to, despite their bodily limitations and the inhumanly enhanced nature of their digitally produced likeness.”


Walter Sallinen
“Walter Sallinen is a Helsinki-based composer and sound artist. Sallinen’s artistic practice explores the potential of interdisciplinarity both as a compositional tool and as a key for unforeseen collaborative concepts. In recent years, Sallinen has deepened his interest in creating sonic states as reflections of an all too hyper-normalised reality.

Manuaali (A Manual) is a kinetic audiobook that rearranges the elements of the audiobook format. The work by the virate.me performing arts group presents the technological, corporeal and sonic processes of a kinetic audiobook. In the work, the text read aloud is conveyed to the listener with the help of motion language controlled by graphic notation, a sensor-based sound system, and translations produced by an algorithmic translator. The interaction between the human performer and sound technology creates complex and ambiguous linguistic spaces that challenge the idea of audibility as a condition for receiving the text. The work is a treatise on the language relationship of digital capitalism and an artistic deconstruction of the audiobook.”



Lil Data

“Lil Data is a live coder known for releasing on the PC Music label and for production credits with Charli XCX, Jonsi, Harlecore and more.”


KALLELSE is supported by Malmö Stad and Kulturrådet