KALLELSE is a concert series for artists expanding how electronic music is performed. For our season finale, we offer compositions through water, synthesis through light and expanded wind instruments. Featuring Malte Leander (SE/FR), Lost Highway (SG/DE) and Heli Hartikainen (FI)

DOORS 19:30

The artists introduce themselves as follows:

Malte Leander:
“Malte Leander is a Swedish-French multidisciplinary creator and artist currently residing in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, Canada. His primary artforms are sound and music, where he often explores soundscape composition, field-recording practices and voice, where he blends synthesized environments with text-sound composition and phonetic poetry. He also combines his compositional practice with experimental analog video production and DIY electronic projects in both installation and live performance, where his work often revolves around ecological thematics within sustainable sound practices, acoustic ecology, deep listening, and soundwalking. His creative efforts across disciplines have led him to showcase his work in Canada and internationally, spanning across Scandinavia, Mexico and the United States.
The performance will be one exploring the hydrophones as an instrument, and how the unpredictable nature and quality of water can direct and dictate the progression and structure of musical pieces. The hydrophones will be used as a centerpiece, submerged in a glass container. The container will be interacted with through different objects and textures, with the signals being live-processed by a chain of various effects and guitar pedals. An Ableton Push 2 is used as a controller for the various parameters within this effect chain, resulting in shapeshifting textural soundscapes. Accompanying the live processing will also be field- recordings and voice. Following the practice of the genre text sound composition and phonetic poetry, the vocal components part of the performance will be primarily used for their aesthetic qualities more so than the semantic meaning of the words spoken.”


Lost Highway:
“Denise Lim is a Singaporean dancer and choreographer, currently based in Berlin. Her practice is deeply interested in the body’s confrontation with objects and environments; how it forms and is formed, invites and rejects closeness, pleasure and the gaze. Using methods of scoring and improvising, she works towards intensities that enchant and invite experimental modes of witnessing.
In working with Lost Highway, Denise creates a space of encounters where learning takes precedence. She aims to learn how to build her own analogue synthesiser. She works with doubles and doubling, with intensities and on edges. She finds herself lost in a sea of possibilities; Water, water everywhere, not any drop to drink. She gets from A to B to bee to be to being to come into being, to be two people at once, to forget what happened that night, to be here and there at the same time. She asks herself: What do I already know and what else do I need to know to proceed?


Heli Hartikainen:
“Heli Hartikainen (they/she, b. 1993) is a boundary-breaking saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and sound artist whose aesthetics derive from a pursuit of enduring textures, functions, and forms. As a saxophonist, Hartikainen is a passionate instrumentalist who constantly pushes the boundaries of their instrument (and themselves) ever further. Experimentation is at the core of
Hartikainen’s creative work, where abstractions, meaning-seeking, concepts, and an insatiable love for sound playfully intertwine. In Kallelse they are performing solo improvisations based on their project CHRONOVARIATIONS. CHRONOVARIATIONS weaves together the haunting allure of the tenor saxophone with the limitless possibilities of electronic manipulation, superimposing avant garde gestures onto
minimalist ambient soundscapes. The record is rooted in notions of sonic resonance, temporality, and emergence, with the title of the work, CHRONOVARIATIONS, deriving from the concept of time and its transformation; timelessness, loss of temporal perception, and the decay of memory. The constantly-evolving chain of variations manipulates the perception of temporal reference points and envelops the listener. The themes of emergence and unfolding encompass the entire album, from compressed “microsounds” to cathartic roaring; journeying through layers of sound, where Hartikainen’s use of silence and negative space is as powerful as their cacophonous crescendos.


KALLELSE is made possible due to support from Malmö Stad and Kulturrådet