Klubb Alloy: Mila Steiner/Anst + Røttar

Rå syra möter Kubansk ravepionjär

Nu är sommardvalan över och Inkonsts klubbar återvänder med full styrka. Varje lördag i augusti fortsätter vi vårt sommarkoncept tillsammans med Malmös bästa klubbcrews och:
Billigare inträde
Billigare TT
Öppet till klockan 05
Glass i baren!

Sommarklubbssäsongen avslutas med taggig acid och hårdkokt cyberpunk-techno när Klubb Alloy presenterar Mila Steiner (Live!) med Røttar som wingman och visuals från Collapse.

This time we have some hours of good music, bringing a good combo to our favorite place in Malmö. Some acid and industrial techno that will make you to sweat again, while getting goosebumps on your skin. Get ready for it!

Mila Steiner / ANST (DE) – LIVE
Mila Steiner (also known as ANST ) acquired a special taste for the harder and acidic tracks in the 90s and fell in love with electronic music from an early age. Mila Steiner currently uses modular synthesizers, hardware as well as ancient computers to produce its music. Its tracks are characterized by a marked rhythm, industrial cut, dense and heavy basslines with raw and acid sounds. Just recently the artist also started her own label 9ravesnuff. You can count on intense and mindbending music as this Berlin-based producer/performer performs its first live set ever in Sweden.

René Navarro (aka Røttar, Zwei Gesichter & 1/2 of Riot in Havana) is a producer & DJ from Havana, Cuba, based in Malmö, Sweden. He has done a deep dive into the different branches of techno and his signature sound can be explained by the keywords: acid, raw, industrial, IDM & EBM. Alongside Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, Jorge Cebrian, and Claudio Cabrera he founded Rusty Nails in Havana in 2017. Rusty Nails was Cuba’s first rave and sparked an underground movement dedicated to techno and rave culture. Hand in hand with Abstraction, Cuba’s first electronic record label, they have been the pioneers in Cuba’s techno scene, and putting it on the map.
Since moving to Sweden, René has been a resident with Substantiv, the Lund-based DJ-collective & record label, and released his music with record labels such as Abstraction, Corseque Records, Deletech Records, and Blacklapse Records. His latest release was with Voight-Kampff & Gomboc Records – so keep your eyes open and your seat belts fastened.

Visuals: Collapse