LOLJUD – The Hadean Eon (release celebration)

Loljud releases the EP The Hadean Eon, part one of her album The Eons inspired by the earth's eons and Hilma af Klints paintings The Ten Biggest - let’s celebrate together!


LIVE-SET: Loljud
DJ-SET: Josefine Hellström
MEDITATION PERFORMANCE: Lisa Mårtensson (Absurdum Temporary Art)
MUSIC VIDEO SCREENING: Loljud – The Hadean by Marcus Lundgren and Musikcentrum Syd with support from Kulturrådet

Welcome to step into the birth and childhood of the earth, a beginning of a journey which will contain life and creation as well as mass extinctions and destruction. The hadean eon, which resembled a hell with seas of lava, water vapor and strong wind, is named after Hades, the Greek god of death. In the process of creating The Hadean Eon, Loljud has played with the contrasts of life/death and being born/giving birth. The music consists of samples from a broken harddrive and snippets from conversations about memories.
The visuals accompanying Loljud on stage are AI generated paintings of the hadean eon “painted by” Hilma af Klint.


Loljud, who has been compared to artists such as Kate Bush and Björk, is recognized for his cross-artistic and unpredictable approach to electronic music. Like a collector of sounds, she sifts the world with a sieve. Water drops, radio noise and mobile phone alarms get stuck in the net. Noise, which can literally be gleaned from her stage name, is not just surprises glimmering in the production, but conceptual building blocks that move the story forward.
In 2020, Loljud’s debut album The Phases, a triptych divided into three EPs, was released via the record company Synth Babes, digitally and exclusively on vinyl. In 2023, her second album The Eons, inspired by the eons of the earth and Hilma Af Klint’s paintings The Ten Biggest, will be released in four parts.
“She has a way of moving on stage that gossips about her roots as a dancer and reminds a little of Kate Bush both in the harmony between music and expressive movements as well as in the non-existent border between pop and art music and the artistic overall thinking.” – Ralph Bretzer, Skånska dagbladet
“9/10 Scandinavian electropop at its most beautiful. Within the artist Loljud lives an electro queen with whimsical creativity and lively imagination.” – Zero Magazine
“If you don’t visualize what a mermaid sounds like, please listen to this” – Nordic Simit Mag



19.00 – 19.30 – opening, mingle
19.30 – 19.40 – music video screening
19.30 – 19.45 – mediationsperformance Lisa Mårtensson
19.45 – 20.30 – Loljud live
20.30 – 22.00 – DJ Josefine Hellström

It’s the contrasts that get you. Sharp edges soft to the touch, like translucent lace on sun-cracked asphalt. For Josefine Hellström, melancholy and euphoria are not opposites – they’re inseparable. The enraptured flash when a child finally catches a beautiful butterfly. The wistful moment seconds later when she opens her hands and finds the fragile being lifeless. It’s all there. Josefine Hellström has found a way to capture that duality in her music and in her sets.
Moving through an intoxicating, unpredictable array of rough breakbeats – it is the raw tonality and temperament that makes Josefine a fearsome reputation as a selector. Straight to the point with elements of colorful melodies, reflected through infectious
tribal-esque rhythms and rugged cut UK bass – is what appears throughout her music and in her sets. As a music collector, Josefine’s preferred format as a DJ is vinyl and her techno is a powerful intent to build tension, climaxing into a frenzy of emotions, and also the reason why Josefine is one of the most sought-after DJs in the Scandinavian region.
After almost 10 years in the industry as a DJ, producer and organizer affiliated with crews like Klubb Döden and Alleycat Anthem in Malmö, 2022 marked the premiere of Josefine’s club Catharsis as a part of her residency at Inkonst. With focus on high
quality techno and rave culture, Catharsis honors nostalgia and celebrates decadence, liberation and energy in its highest form. Characterized by emotive melodies and hard-hitting drums, the duality defines the storytelling of Catharsis. It’s a peak time, cutting edge sugar rush designed for dancefloors.
Lisa is a theatre and performance maker with a degree in theatre and conceptual performance art from Malmö Theatre Academy. Between 2016-2018 she worked on a series of choreographic performances based on the surrealistic paintings by Dorothea Tanning. The last one, The Children Of Dorothea was shown at Inkonst, Malmö in 2018. In 2019 she co founded Absurdum Temporary Art. Since then she has created concepts, collected material and directed for the group. Lisa has also directed two original musical theatre productions and a “sångcykel” for the Malmö based group Samsa Musikteater, Dödens Körkarl (2018), Smitning (2019) and Människor som fanns (2021). Both were shown at Bastionen in Malmö.
Marcus Lundgren is a musician at heart, but films music videos almost exclusively at the moment for, among others, Warner Music and Universal Music.