Lonely Species – Bodine Sutorius & Nikki Ong

A performance about mourning our current state as civilised humans and trying to turn wild again.

DOORS: 18.30

ON STAGE: 19.00

Lonely Species is about a woman venturing into the wild. She flees the big city, full of flashy billboards, 3D printers and neon lights, artificial and excessive. She’s tired – or, maybe we should call it, ‘overstimulated’ – from this socialised form of civilization and decides it’s time to rediscover her wild side. She enters a world full of vital beings and landscapes trying to reach out to her. Can she, as a human, still connect with the nature around her, or is she too civilised to be wild?

As research for this performance, Bodine and Nikki walked the Kungsleden trail in the Swedish Lapland. They hiked 440 kilometers through the wilderness, trying to find out how to connect with the living world around them. Their hiking experiences are the inspiration for this performance.


Bodine Sutorius and Nikki Ong are both born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands. They met when they were eleven years old and, now, fourteen years later, they decided to join forces and create something together. Bodine graduated from the AHK Mime School in Amsterdam, Nikki graduated from HKU Writing for Performance in Utrecht. Since then, Bodine has created her own performances and worked as an actress for various companies like Jakop Ahlbom Company. Nikki has worked as a playwright, dramaturge and also as a translator for NITE. They found common grounds in their shared concerns about the ecological crisis and the need for imagining a different way of co-existing with the living world.


Concept & performance: Bodine Sutorius, Nikki Ong
Text: Nikki Ong
Music & technician: Thomas van den Berg
Codirection: Moniek Merkx
Scenography: Marieke Horst
Light design: Gé Wegman
Costume design: Kyra Vivian Wessel
Video design: Anne Fé de Boer
Photography: Melissa Schriek
Production: Bodine Sutorius, Nikki Ong
Co-production: Petra Huisman, Amanda Davies

Special thanks to: Inkonst, Jakop Ahlbom Company, Studio FCP, CLOUD Danslab, Charles Pas, Arnold Put, Sanne Danz, Art Srisayam, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amarte Fonds, Janivo Stichting, Simon & Theresia Cultuurfonds, AFK.