MELT #3: Bob G, Bolam, Mod Sens, Ekaliff

Melt is the club concept where the most tantalizing and irresistible bass forward sub-genres that’s emerged from the UK melt into a singular, mesmerizing entity.

We provide a sonic world that defies convention and tempo boundaries, has endless varieties of influences and is in constant movement. Whether it’s high paced jungle beats, hip shaking bass music, silly UK Garage or hypnotic techno grooves we will leave you with the proper stink face.

Bob G
Introducing the mystery garage man from Malmö – Bob G!

For the past 5 years Bob G has been quietly whipping up OG garage tracks on an MPC in his home studio, unbeknownst to the masses, developing his own giddy and no-nonsense style. It was only until the announcement of his debut record on Alec Falconer & Dr Banana’s widely acclaimed label ‘Ba Dum Tish’ that propelled Bob G’s tracks into the larger dance music circuit, immediately sparking recognition and traction amongst many touring DJs. Gaining support from the likes of Cynthia, Fabe, Harry Wills and of course the prolific founders of the label.

Check out his 100% original productions mix on ‘Ba Dum Tish’ to give you a proper taste of what his sound brings to the club, as well as his show on Komrad FM to dive deeper into Bob’s beats.

We are super gassed to have him join us for the Melt Residents night in January. Be sure to stay locked in the event and keep your eyes and ears on Bob G’s socials in the coming months…


Shetland-Born, Malmö-Based Jack Hardie AKA ‘Bolam’ has a distinctive sound that’s easy to identify and tough to ignore. A lifelong keen intrigue in music with fruitful influence from his friends, family and the musical community of the Shetland Islands in Scotland has led to his passion in dance music today. His club DJ sets are focused on keeping the listeners on their toes and in a groove evolving through different styles, moods and tastes with great ability to read the crowd and control the energy. Bolam has already scored recognition by releasing a series of prosperous EPs and individual tracks on various compilations, and with additional exciting collaborations and projects currently underway, his future looks promising.


Mod Sens

Founder of MELT and by now a familiar name in the Malmö-scene after many years involvement in the So&Such collective. Mod Sens is a versatile dj and producer heavily influenced by the darker sounds of UKG, UK Bass/Techno and Post-dubstep. His passion for the uk underground is well reflected in his productions and dj-sets, inspired by the label output in the likes of Hessle Audio, Livity Sound and 3024, with deep bass lines and spiraling atmospheres ranging from the early 00’s to present day, as well as explosive, high energy belters. After releasing his Hollow EP on Terrorhythm in 2019 he’s been forging his sound in many different directions which is well represented in his latest releases on different UK based labels.


Ekaliff, a multifaceted artist hailing from Kalmar, has honed their skills as a producer, drummer, and DJ within the music community of Malmö. Moreover, they are also a part of the interdisciplinary music collective FNGRLCKN, known for their boundary-pushing creativity and experimental approach to music.
With an acute sensitivity to the nuances of sound fueled by a passion for deep bass, EKALIFF’s impact on the regional dubstep scene is still felt today, as their contributions continue to shape and evolve the genre.