MELT Presents: Marble, Mod Sens, DJ Klubb Kadaver

🫠Melt is back at Inkonst and this time presenting a night packed with UK Garage, Breakbeat action and Bass cocktails.

🫠Melt is the club concept where the most tantalizing and irresistible bass forward sub-genres that’s emerged from the UK melt into a singular, mesmerizing entity. We provide a sonic world that defies convention and tempo boundaries, has endless varieties of influences and is in constant movement. Whether it’s high paced jungle beats, hip shaking bass music, silly UK Garage or hypnotic techno grooves we will leave you with the proper stink face.

🫠For this edition we are immensely proud to present a great spinner and swedish treat that’s been locked on our eyes for a long time, and that is – Marble! A leading figure and connoisseur of UK Garage in Sweden and mother of club Gosh! in Stockholm. Her wide knowledge and love for the genre has paved way for many many tumbling dancefloors around the country, and many more to come. Don’t sleep!

Marble (Gosh!)🫠

DJ Klubb Kadaver🫠

Mod Sens🫠