Nailah Hunter

Harp virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Hailing from L.A, her music opens tiny, shimmering gateways to magical worlds. Intertwining neo-classical, ambient and jazz, her luminous harp playing, at times paired with her powerful dynamic voice, constitutes the base to why she stands out greatly in her field. Her EP Spells was released by the acclaimed Leaving Records in May 2020 and was described by Rolling Stone as “one of the best recent releases of its kind.”

Born into a musical family, she grew up singing and playing several instruments in her father’s (a pastor with his roots in Belize) choir and church band. Stumbling upon classical and jazz artists such Erik Satie and Alice Coltrane in her teens, she created a delicate, ethereal musical identity, highly noticeable in the aforementioned EP among other works.

After being introduced to the harp at age 19 she started experimenting, building radiant soundscapes, drawing inspiration from Tarot, Greek mythology, New Age and Arthurian Legend. As a collaborator with other Inkonst favourites such as Lyra Pramuk and John Carroll Kirby, her Swedish debut will surely not disappoint.