A performance that takes place between the crossline of a stage room and a dance floor. A tribute to the night, the rhythm, the dance and the feeling of finally let loose.

DATES 31/10
DOORS 17.00
ON STAGE 17.30

110/175 kr
55 min


The night, the silent oasis. The bass and the dance; the sirens that beckon. An irresistible inner revolt. ‍ 

“Nights don’t have names” is a tribute to the unconditional essence of the night. It is a bodily revolt to break free. A longing to allow the body to implode, to feel and to dance. An ongoing, multifaceted spectrum of experiences, associations and reflections occur. The room turns into a cross between a stage room and a dance floor shared by the audience with the dancer and the music. 

Fanni Ijäs is a Finnish dancer, choreographer and dance teacher based in Stockholm. Her practice is rooted in house dance tradition and club culture and explores how its social and cultural traditions can serve as a starting point for scenic and pedagogical work. Central themes in her work are the self-realization of dance power and the coexistence of the everyday and the extraordinary. Ijäs has a bachelor’s degree in dance pedagogy from the Stockholm School of the Arts and has studied at the Ecole des Sables in Senegal. She is the initiator of and member of the house dance collective De La Vibe. Her work in the field of dance consists of work within performative contexts, dance teaching and dancing in clubs, jams and battles.

Choreography/dance: Fanni Ijäs
Lighting: Thomas Zamolo
Costume: Hanna Kisch
Music: Ramon “Dj QU” Quezada
Photo/Film: Caroline Suinner & Thomas Zamolo  

With the support of: The Culture Council, The Artists’ Association, Site Sweden residency program