Rendez-vous: Loraine James (UK) [live] + Okouru (DK/FR)

Rendez-vous is back with another celebration of new sounds!!

🌐 Loraine James (UK) [live]

We are proud to present a live set from the eclectic Loraine James from London. With a wide exposure to jazz, electronica, UK drill and grime, reassembled through intuitive skills and an intimate approach to music making that can be heard on the colourful mix-up of the Hyperdub debut album “For You And I”. Earlier this year, James released a collaborative EP with TSVI called “053” and the full-length, titled “Building Something Beautiful for Me” arrives October 7th.

🌐 Okouru (DK/FR)

Okouru aka Aimé Mangouta is a passionate Parisian music selector based in Copenhagen. He can be recognized by his powerful and versatile sound, playing a world-wide variety of music ranging from worldwide jams, house, breakbeat, electro, techno and other electronic sounds.

🌐 Lautaro Cubilla [Rendez-vous]