Rendez–vous: Mr. Mitch [UK] + Malmö Antenn

En rejäl basfest på Bergsgatan.

Londons överflödande klubbkultur hade varit betydligt fattigare utan Mr. Mitch. Malmös klubbscen hade varit avsevärt blekare utan Rendez-vous och musikkollektivet Antenn. Nu möts de alla för en rejäl basfest på Bergsgatan.

Mr. Mitch [UK] (Gobstopper/Planet Mu)
On this special November night we are joined by minimalist pioneer, lush soundscape builder and Gobstopper label boss Miles Mitchell AKA Mr.Mitch. Besides being a producer, he is the co-founder of the Boxed nights. A club concept that has served as an important platform for the instrumental and forward thinking UK grime scene.

Malmö Antenn Allstars
Music collective Malmö Antenn formed in 2016 as a way of bringing lovers of explorative dance music together. Their focus has been letting DJ:s express themselves through personalized, live streamed mixes that cross any genre boundaries.  A while back they hosted their 100th mix and they have no intention of stopping any time soon.
On this particular night we are joined by an all star line-star line up consisting of most of the members.

So&Such & Inkonst