Rendez-vous: Shanti Celeste+ Oli XL

Melodisk dansmusik möter hårda rytmer

Rendez-vous is back with one of the most ridiculous lineups you’ll come across this year.

Shanti Celeste [UK] (Peach Discs / BRSTL)
Shanti Celeste is an expert in making the crowd move and has a keen ear for the delightfully melodic side of dance music. With roots originating from Chile, her music career started in Bristol, where she released her debut ”Need Your Lovin’ (Baby)” in 2013. From there she’s been conquering the world one dance floor at a time and if you’re anything like us, you’ve been following her releases on label ”Peach Discs”, her monthly radio shows on NTS and hitting the play button on whatever other mix that has her name on it. This will be one for the books!

Oli XL (Bloom)
Stockholm producer Oli XL has steadily been releasing some of the most interesting music of the past few years. Some might know him from stellar appearances on ”PAN” and ”Posh Isolation” compilations while others might have experienced his phenomenally hard hitting rhythms on 2018 EP ”Stress Junkie”. Earlier this year he released his debut album ”Rouge Intruder, Soul Enhancer” on his own, brand new imprint ”Bloom” and it is with the upmost joy that we welcome him to Malmö for the first time.

Warm up:
Amel Suljevic + Lautaro Cubilla [Rendez-vous Residents]