Senyawa (IDN)

RIYL: Indonesian experimental, tradition vs modernity, shamanism, Javanese folk music, Phantom Limb, homemade instruments, Stephen O’Malley collaborators, Morphine Records, Nurse with Wound, ritual music, power.

Senyawa boldly explores the intersection of tribal and industrial music, crafting a unique sonic landscape that blends folk elements with modern genre hybrids. For over a decade, the leading Indonesian duo have been pushing boundaries with Rully Shabara’s intricate vocalizations and Wukir Suryadi’s unique, homemade instrumentation.



Their performances span from renowned festivals like Primavera in Barcelona to intimate venues like Café Oto in London. Senyawa’s accolades include the Green Room Award for Best Music Composition and Sound Design and the Ars Electronica Award for Digital Music and Sound.

Collaborating with esteemed artists such as Sunn0)))’s Stephen O’Malley and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Senyawa’s influence extends far beyond music. Filmmaker Vincent Moon captured their essence in the documentary Calling the New Gods. Even during the pandemic, Senyawa continued to innovate, releasing their acclaimed album Alkisah with multiple independent labels around the world as an alternative method of distribution, and earning praise from The New York Times as a beacon of the future of international music.

“The concept of heaviness in music tends to be measured in terms of frequency and loudness, where low- end vibrations at maximum volume yield the weightiest results. Rully Shabara’s voice and Wukir Suryadis’ bambuwakir (a homemade percussive and stringed instrument) have forged Senyawa’s deep and
extreme dynamics since 2011, yet theirs is a sound that brings with it another dimension of weight, one that can’t be measured.”
– The Quietus

“Senyawa`s music rises from the belly of the beast and crawls out of its gaping maw. Each wail, drone, and plucked guitar string from the experimental Indonesian duo evokes the feeling of deep-set hunger; every sound contributes to the tension”
– Pitchfork

“Generally speaking, Senyawa operate on a force-of-nature level”
– Resident Advisor

“Indonesian duo Senyawa is one of the most intense live bands in the world”
– Red Bull Music Academy

“Senyawa can be counted among the most thrilling, edgy and original live performance units anywhere in the world.”
– The Wire

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