SKY H1 x Mika Oki A/V Show + Digge Shim (Live)

A totally unique audiovisual experience!

Mika Oki – French-Japanese audiovisual artist, composer and sculptor. She explores emotional landscapes through video and electro acoustic composition, using abstract sound textures and kinetic mental images.
The Belgian, PAN-affiliated producer SKY H1 captures the blurred lines between drum and bass, grime, dubstep, and techno, all underpinned with bursts of pop.
Together these two enigmatic artists present a new audiovisual show celebrating the SKY H1 debut album ‘Azure’, deciphering its poeticness into an enticing live performance.
Mika Oki’s visual installation, Parhélion, inspired by the optical phenomenon also known as sundog will be taken onto stage and transform into a subtle work of light, projections, smoke and shadows interplaying with the aesthetics that ’Azure’ was built upon.