Slauson Malone 1 (US, WARP Records)

Slauson Malone 1 (b. 1995 in Los Angeles) is what we’d call peerless, as his wiki lists his style as: “no wave, free jazz,chamber music, modern classical, psychedelic rock, bedroom pop, noise rock,reggae,indie folk,lo-fi hip hop, surf-pop, indie pop,avant rock, dub, and baroque pop.”

Now a New Yorker, Jasper Marsalis [real name] blends a performance piece, exploring the possible intersections of popular music and performance art and everything else, really.

His newest album EXCELSIOR was released through WARP in October 2023.
Recorded over the course of 5 years, EXCELSIOR signals the death of Slauson Malone, and birth of Slauson Malone 1 – a revived musical proxy for Marsalis, a creature freaky and fearsome, snarling and singing, thinking about love and the opposite while wandering the boring plains of a post-meteoric Expanse.
EXCELSIOR illustrates a perpetual ascent which relentlessly climb until cleaving the Earth in two.
“I was imagining it as this sword that when in someone’s possession doesn’t stop growing – eventually it grows so big that it slices the earth in half, and that’s the end,” Marsalis explains. “It became a metaphor for me to think about and through masculinity.”

This is Slauson’s invitation – a sincere effort to include us, to invite the listener in, but also to explore – lust, love, excess, restraint, performance, audience, expectation.

Live, he is accompanied by cellist Nicky Wetherell.