Somewhere In Malmö pt2

Anywhere Everywhere Somewhere

_ W H A T

Did we or did we not meet somewhere?

It’s not a question about where, it is about what.

What the Somewhere Festival already is or what Somewhere Festival could be in the future.

_ W E R

Somewhere started a few years ago as a gathering of open minded people, as an unexptectable event taking place on its own terms.

In the late summer of 2016 Somewhere went from illegal underground raves in Copenhagen to a yearly independent festival located in the beautiful Boesdal Kalkbrud – exploring the requirement to sublate boundaries between guests and hosts, while creating free space for loving, living and dancing electronic subculture.

_ W H Y 

Somewhere Crew invite you inside Inkonst for a massive night to meet new and old friends, start new collaborations and find new inspirations!


– Alexander Wallon
– Johannes Lafontaine
– Miki Skak
– Victor Ocares (live)
– Joski

////Visual Arts////

– Julia Fovaeus/KBO