The Meeting – HORSE

An up-close performance inspired by AA and board meetings told with tender humour. Follow Hannah when she unloads her story to the circle of strangers.  

DATES 12–14/10
12 & 13/10
DOORS 18.30

ON STAGE 19.00
DOORS 14.30
ON STAGE 15.00


The Meeting is an up-close performance told with tender humor and inspired by the rituals observed in AA, board meetings and various religious liturgies. Are we really helped by meeting one another? What parts of ourselves are we willing to bring into the circle, and what do we leave out? 

“And in that moment I had this bursting sense that I can never get anything back, I felt like I was witnessing the moment become a memory. I felt panicked like I had to do something. It had to stop it.”

After days of manic wandering, an adrenaline-addled Hannah unleashes her story on a group of strangers at a gathering referred to simply as “The Meeting.” Intimate, erratic, and bizarrely tender, The Meeting is inspired by rituals observed in support groups, board meetings, and religious rites, posing the question: what are the limits of connection, self-knowledge, truth? What parts of ourselves are we willing to bring into the open—and what do we leave in the shadows?

HORSE Performance Co. Presents

Written by Stéphanie Hayes
With contributions by Emily Reilly and Gabriel Kruis
Directed by Emily Reilly and AZ Kelsey
Assistant Director Ida Knutsson
Performed by Khamlane Halsackda, Stéphanie Hayes, AZ Kelsey, Zada Kelsey-Hayes
Lighting by Sandra Liscano
Sound by Tim Bishop
Featuring the Östra Grevie Folkhögskola Alumni Choir
Choir Director Selma Ehlde

As HORSE, Stephanie Hayes, Emily Reilly and A.Z. Kelsey seek theatrical ways of drawing out humanity’s inner noise to create a theater of fragments that drolly illuminates life’s absurdities, relating the grand and monumental to the tiny and banal. Invested in themes of memory, discomfort, confusion and the impossibility of language,  HORSE works are deeply collaborative and unbound by discipline, merging dance, theater and visual art to create formally rigorous explorations of all that confounds us. cargocollective.com/HORSE