Widianne X presents Sapphire Burlesque and The Decadent Soirée

Get ready to dazzle in your most glam ensemble, Mistress Widianne X is bringing Malmö yet another fagulous night of burlesque. Bring your friends, partners, lovers and lover’s lovers!

For your viewing pleasure this evening features a selection of the crème de la crème from the Scandinavian Burlesque Scene. From clowns with staplers, fallen angels, whips and naughty tricksters to folklore, glam, gore and feathers, everyone’s taste buds will for sure be tickled this Decadent Soirée!

DOORS + DJ: 21.00
SHOWTIME: 21.30 – 00.00

Harley Queen ✦ Morau Amour ✦ Salty Punch ✦ Florence Shimmermore ✦ Sophie Sioux ✦ Henny Nightblood ✦ Bunny Trix ✦ Devious Delite ✦ Æsel Elisabeth Frichard Vondue ✦ Aurora May
Mistress of Marvels
dancer, aerialist and burlesque performer. You have seen her strut her stuff at pride and on stages around Europe for dance productions and stage art. Ballet & contemporary is the base of her unique stage expression but she always adds a bit of fetish and dark storytelling.
 ✦ Morau Amour
Miss Amour is a graceful seductress who’s impossible not to fall in love with. She has a passion for dancing and everything that glitters. Let yourself get lost in two of her mesmerising and thunderful choreographies that echos the roller coaster ride of being in love.
 ✦ Salty Punch  ✦
With Salty punch, you get a different taste everytime! Salty is a burlesque cameleon who can bring cheeky classics as well as dark fantasy to the stage – you can never be sure which version of her you will get. Her influences vary from old school pinups to sexy mistresses and mysterious creatures. She is the founder and head mistress for Shimmy Galore Burlesque in Karlshamn, where she teaches and produces shows.
 ✦ Florence Shimmermore  ✦
Florence Shimmermore is a true fairytale enchantress, equal parts sassy playfulness, sparkles and pazazz. Between making your favorite childhood cartoons NSFW, mesmerizing you with magical acts and letting her seductive side take the stage, you never know what you’re getting with her. One thing is sure – whichever side of her she chooses to entertain you with, you shall never be left wanting.
Sophie Sioux ✦
Sophie Sioux is the international cherry haired tease-treassure and one of the leading artists of the Danish Burlesque scene. She masters the art of silly seduction, slow sleaze and scandalous storytelling. She is a colorful, playful and dangerous vixen who with her powerful visuals and improv skills always knows how to keep her audience on their toes. Co-creator & producer of Cabaresque and Kabaret Kopenhagen and teacher at Sweet Burlesque studios she is a forceful femme fatale who loves to give – and knows exactly how to give it!
 ✦ Henny Nightblood ✦
Henny Nightblood is a multi faceted artist that has been doing performance art since 2017, she has dabbled into a lot of genres within the performance art space and is now back from an involuntary viatus. A seductive goddess that will spellbound you with her performances, based before in Malmö as many of you might recognize her, but are now a part of Shimmy Galore Burlesque.
 ✦ Bunny Trix  ✦
Miss Bunny Trix is a Skåne based burlesque performer. A self-titled nerd, she takes inspiration from movies and video games while at the same time giving homage to old time slapstick, variety shows and vintage burlesque. Her acts are often comedic, feeling like the sexiest thing one can have is a sense of humor.
 ✦ Devious Delite ✦
Devious Delite takes you to the edge – and sometimes over the edge. Welcome to the queen of all that is grotesque. Devious is one sexy, seducing, scary and scandalous performer and she’ll maintain eye contact with you the whole time! She enjoys the sound of gasps and appalled grunts as much as the sound of applause! How far do YOU dare to got with her?
 ✦ Æsel Elisabeth Frichard Vondue  ✦
Æsel is a true wildcard performer. Theater, circus, music, burlesque, poetry, he does it all with much passion, and little skill.
 ✦ Aurora May 
She is a multidisciplinary artist, MC and producer, currently based in Malmö, Sweden. She mainly works with performance art and burlesque. Apart from creating for the stage she also paints, writes, sculptures, designs costumes and builds installations. Her art is transformative; the art she creates is always organic and therefore constantly changing, living. Through her artistic practice she explores liminal space, kink and trauma. She has performed all over Sweden, organized clubs and exhibited her work in art galleries.

✦ DJs TBA ✦

This event is homophobia-, fatshame-, slutshame-, ableist-, racism-, and sexism-free. Everyone welcome! Kisses!

By Widianne X in collaboration with Inkonst and Malmö Stad.