Here you can find the answers to all frequently asked questions.


How do I get in touch with you?
Easiest is to send an email to info@inkonst.com or slide in to our DM:s on our Facebook or Instagram account.

My band wants to play at Inkonst, what do I do?
Ulf Eriksson is in charge of the music  at Inkonst. You can always come with suggestions via email: ulf@inkonst.com 

I am a DJ who wants to play at Inkonst, who do I contact?
Diego Ocejo is in charge of the clubs, contact him at diego@inkonst.com 

I have an amazing idea for an event, what do I do?
Describe your idea and send an email to: info@inkonst.com, and we’ll make sure it reaches the right person.

I am a performing arts artist who wants to collaborate with Inkonst, what do I do?
Petra Huisman is our  creative leader for performing arts, write her an email at: petra@inkonst.com

Can I give you a call?
No. Unfortunately not. Email is king!

Who do I contact regarding Intonal?
You can send an email to ulf@inkonst.com or mika@inkonst.com



I’ve got problems with my ticket!
Concerns regarding tickets are mainly taken care of by our ticket company Tickster. Start with contacting their support!

When do you open
Normally always 30 minutes before show time. Or at midnight when it comes to clubs. But it’s safest to check the event in question.

When do you close?
When we feel like it (just kidding). Clubs usually at 04.00 and other events varies, have a look at the event on our website.

Can I bring my handbag?
Yes! According to the information we’ve received from the authorities the current bag restrictions do not apply to us at the moment since we are considered a small venue. If there would be any changes we will let you all know.

I turn 20 in two days can I still come to the age restricted event?
No unfortunately not, the policies are strict. But you are very welcome when you’ve turned 20!

It’s 02.03 on a Saturday, I’ve got nothing to do. How’s the vibe at the club? Can I still get in?
Undoubtedly good and YES.

Can I buy tickets at the door?
If the event hasn’t sold out then mostly YES.


I want to do an internship at Inkonst what do I do?
It depends what you are studying but if it’s music you can contact ulf@inkonst.com and if it’s performing arts  send an email to petra@inkonst.com. If it has something to do with marketing contact maja@inkonst.com. If you are unsure you can always describe what you want to do in an email to info@inkonst.com and we’ll make sure it reaches the right person. Unfortunately we only have limited resources to host interns.

I want to work at Inkonst what do I do?
You can see on our website if we have any positions open and how to apply. Otherwise feel free to send us a spontaneous application at info@inkonst.com

I want to volunteer at Inkonst, what to do?
When we have events that need the help from volunteers (like Intonal) we usually publish an open call where you can apply.

I want to work during events/at the bar, who should I contact?
Send and email with your CV to our bar manager Dominic Austin: dominic@inkonst.com


I’ve lost something at Inkonst!
Send an email with description of lost item and contact info to info@inkonst.com and we’ll see if we can find it. We keep lost stuff for a month before donating it to charity.

I’ve experienced something that made me feel bad during  one of your events, what do I do?
We take these matter very serious. The best thing is if you can contact any of the staff on location asap and tell them what happened so we may take necessary actions in real-time. We strive to be a safe place for everyone. But you can of course also reach out to us after the event and tell us what happened and what we can do to help. Send us an email at info@inkonst.com or write a DM and we’ll take it from there. Stay safe everyone.

How does Inkonst  work to create a safe space?
Inkonst will always have a zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. We want to be a safe space for everyone regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, ability or religion. If you notice something that doesn’t fit with this aim, do not hesitate to reach out.

How is your accessibility? For example for people using wheelchairs.
People with disabilities can bring personal assistant/caregiver for free to all our events. We also accept the Malmönyckeln-card, that grants people with disabilities the option to bring a support person to all their activities for free, read more here. We have an accessible toilet that we open on request and we also  an elevator that can help you reach all the floors. We can also make the entrance wider. If you’re going to a performance with seats the staff will guide you to a good spot. Contact the staff at location and they will help! You can also feel free to send us an email in advance if you have further concerns.

Do you serve food?
Yes! At some events you can pre order deli plates, both vegan and non-vegan. We also sell deli-boxes at the bar that includes things as cheeses, olives, charcuteries and more.

I want to rent Inkonst for an event, who do I contact?
Describe which rooms you want to rent, for what and when in an email to info@inkonst.com and we’ll se if it a fit for us.

Still haven’t found the answer to your question? Write us an email at info@inkonst.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!