FAST FEED – AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan

It’s a pleasure to invite you all to view a screening of FAST FEED on March 26 as part of Malmö Scenfest at Inkonst – free entry!

FAST FEED is an ongoing project still in the making that began in 2020.  Co-directors AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan are developing their 14 minute film into a feature length movie after a scene went viral during 2020 that depicted a black man dancing a charleston like minstrel dance, staring into the camera, with his smiling lips syncing with the voice of President Donald Trump. This scene was released in response and support of the Black Lives Matter movement to shine a light on the racist rhetoric that is used by the current administration and the white elites. FAST FEED examines our polarised society, and how divisive information via social media is impacting the mental health of our young generations.

We’ll hold an artist talk after the screening together with the two co-directors, an opportunity to get a more in depth perspective of the process and the hows and whys behind the making of the film. As well to catch a glimpse of what the future might look like for the project.

In addition, FAST FEED was shot in different parts of central Malmö but also in Inkonsts black box, hosting the screening in the black box therefor makes it all a little extra special!

On the 26th we’re open 18-22. FAST FEED will be screened at 18.30-19.30, including the artist talk.

FAST FEED 1: Directed by AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | Produced by Analog Dreams and Bombina Bombast | Performed by Ira Mandela Siobhan | Director of Photography: Stefan Stanisic | Choreographed by AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | Script Supervisor: Emma Bexell | Edited by: Stefan Stanisic | Original Concept by AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | First Assistant Director: Emilia Thorin | First Assistant: Faryad Mortazavi | Light Operator: Henrik Heikki Hellström | 2nd Unit Camera: Svante Back Title design by Jonna Jansson | Supported by Danscentrum Syd, Konstnärsnämnden, Inkonst, Malmö Stad.

FAST FEED 2: Directed by AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | Director of Photography: Alexis Rodriguez Cancino | Sound Designer: Silas Bieri | Cast: Ira Mandela Siobhan, Dorothea Saykaly, Sanna Blennow, Emmy Siobhan | Edit: AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | Image Post-Production: AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan, Alexis Rodriguez Cancino | Light Operator: Alexis Rodriguez Cancino | Production Assistant: Hazuki Kojima | Choreography: AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | Original Concept: AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | Produced by Fast Feed Films and Analog Dreams | Producer: Monique Brown | Indiegogo Associate Producer: Sharon Duncan-Brewster | Written by AdeY & Ira Mandela Siobhan | Supported by Malmö Stad, Indiegogo Backers, Bombina Bombast, in-discourse | Special Thanks: Katrin Fieseler , Leonie Homann, Martje Meinert.