Club meets performing arts through BPM, release, hype and more!

OPENING NIGHT w/ Becoming – Bodine Sutorius & Mary Ocher

Season opening – performance, concerts, djs, drinks, club and exhibition

Flock – Hey Elbow

An exploration of social and artistic interplay between music, dance and people.


Dear Earthling – Tuva Hildebrand

Dear Earthling is an interactive one-to-one performance, guiding you through a ritual to bring you closer to nature’s cycles of life, death and transformation


ḤĀL/MAGU – Farvash (Malmö Gallerihelg)

A performance and exhibition about longing and belonging – reaching for homeland in an exploration of cultural heritage through tech-art and esoteric knowledge.

Barricades and Legacies: Chiron in Aries, Recital #3 – Frédéric Gies

Depicting a mythological world, 8 dancers engages in bold solos and duos. Expressing turmoil and urgency, with queer kinship as a foundation.

Spindle – Oona Libens

An omniscient Spider and an emerging Artificial Intelligence are tied together in a dialogue surrounding the human history of weaving and information technology.

Female Prayers – The Sacred & The Secular by Nevin Tuna Erönde

A performative audiovisual installation experience based on the idea that one day we will hear female/non-binary voices calling for prayer in public spaces around the world.

He’s Dead – Marikiscrycrycry

He’s Dead is a dark fantasy choreography asking the unanswerable question “Was Tupac depressed?”

Dirty Weekend – Py Huss-Wallin & Ester Uddén

Dirty weekend is a gasping and humorous one-act play after the cult-declared book “Dirty Weekend”. A sharp and bloody revenge odyssey just in time!

Jag är tid, jag är rum – Kollaborativet

An experiential walk in a landscape where body and space are breathing together. Spaces to explore, to touch and being touched by. Spaces to transform with and vibrate towards. A sense of being here and now.

Iris, pupil, retina, etc. – Iggy Malmborg

Devoted to sight and languages intervention in visual perception, centering around the eye as an organ; how the outer world invades our senses and how we are to deal with the (chaotic) information piercing us when the eyes are open.

My Own Fukase – Maria Naidu

A seamless, cinematic mixture of movement, projections, film, dull light, drone and deafening wailing. Polyphonic compositions and deep dives into the pleasant discomfort

TRIPLE BILL: (headbang) / A mouth full of tongues / Half As Much Again

A tongue-tangling head-bending beat-pulsing performing arts injection w/ Eli Eli, Charlie Laban Trier & Josefin Runsteen / Stina Fors / Alma Söderberg & Dehendrik Lechat Willekens – Welcome to The Triple Bill!